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Some daters prefer a more scattershot approach, while others use more thorough screening methods to filter out the least likely candidates.

By exploring both approaches, you’ll no doubt find ideas for how you can get the most out of your online dating experience and increase your chance of meeting The One (soon! patterns and find someone who isn’t your usual type.

By casting a wider net, you may find someone really special that you might have previously dismissed as not being compatible with you. First, you’re looking at a larger pool of candidates.

Instead of using filters to narrow the field to those who, say, share your ZIP code, educational status and political affiliation, you’re looking at everyone, except for those who fit into your absolute “deal breaker” category.

Each assignment will include homework, resources and actionable steps.

Abiola’s Love School is a weekly empowered Love Lesson, inspirational class and juicy conversation about love, relationships, dating, sex, commitment and self worth.

A scattershot approach might include any of these tactics: A more selective approach is a better bet for more seasoned daters, those who are very certain about what traits they’re looking for in a partner, and those who have very little time to date around.

The tricky part is that there isn’t one way that will work for everybody.

Deal breakers vary from person to person; for some, proximity in age is a must-have trait, while others cannot tolerate dating a smoker.

But you must decide what things you are unwilling to negotiate on before you start sending or responding to emails, or else you risk becoming overwhelmed by too many options.

Surely, you'd never slum it with the simpletons on Hinge, Bumble, or Ok Cupid.

I mean, can you even Luckily, there's a whole subset of exclusive dating apps catered to elite clientele that restrict access only to users who meet certain standards.

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