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If your first thought upon seeing a G&L Bass is that it looks a lot like a Fender, you have a good eye.This company has the same builders behind its designs as the instruments that defined a generation of electric guitars and basses: Leo Fender, George Fullerton and Dale Hyatt.

This guitar has a swamp ash body with an old-time Two-tone Sunburst finish and gun-oil stained Bird’s Eye maple neck with 12” radius fingerboard with 6230 vintage frets.

They use a ceramic bar magnet and adjustable-height pole pieces, which allows you to fine-tune the output of the pickup for each individual string - a big step up from having to adjust the entire pickup at once as you would in a traditional design.

G&L basses also come with the Saddle-lock bridge design, which cuts down the side-to-side motion of each string's saddle to keep them from wandering.

It certainly would not bear his signature on both the upper bass horn and the headstock.

In its first decade, G&L – the solidbody instrument maker created by Leo Fender after his departure from the legendary company he first founded – thrived on innovations like the Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickup.

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