Rubidium strontium dating range teenage dating quiz

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Different minerals in a given geologic setting can acquire distinctly different ratios of radiogenic strontium-87 to naturally occurring strontium-86 (Sr as the parent melt.

However, because Rb substitutes for K in minerals and these minerals have different K/Ca ratios, the minerals will have had different Rb/Sr ratios.

The hornblendite contains much Mg O and Ca O but is low in alkalies; two samples show 2.5-3.2 ppm Rb and 288-431 ppm Sr.

These rocks are of the same general age as the much more abundant, typically calc-alkaline Boulder Creek Granodiorite and associated intrusives of Colorado and northern New Mexico.

Six samples of the trondhjemite of Rio Brazos contain 8-43 ppm Rb and 57-194 ppm Sr, and six of the Kroenke intrusive, 53-99 ppm Rb and 314-595 ppm Sr.Rubidium's compounds have various chemical and electronic applications.Rubidium metal is easily vaporized and has a convenient spectral absorption range, making it a frequent target for laser manipulation of atoms.More information about viewing, downloading, and printing report files can be found here.Rubidium is a chemical element with symbol Rb and atomic number 37.

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