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Alyssa was followed through the struggles of completing everyday tasks due to her disability and was even filmed as she prepared for a deep brain stimulation surgery to cure her.

While Alyssa has greatly improved since the filming of the show, she is still in treatment at the Roger’s Memorial Hospital for her OCD. The reality dating show depicted a house full of girls all fighting for Flavor’s heart, which if you haven’t seen, was quite the sight.

I no longer cared about it.” Melyssa is currently single right now but she had a previous relationship with rapper Flo Rida.

When it ended, she described the relationship as ‘doomed’ right from the very beginning.

Ford, 37, admitted that she had been planning to leave the video modeling, she said: “Absolutely, who would WANT do do that forever? You gotta have an exit strategy for just about everything…just in terms of business, the whole point is too dominate and then leverage it and then move on to the next. Hopefully, you’re moving on up…After I accummulated this fan base, then I started to solicit television opportunities. A lot of what’s happen in my career has been soley based on timing…” Melyssa Ford and Florida Some people think that she is broke since she is not working in videos anymore.

She responded: “Now, let’s talk about being ‘broke’.

Here are some of the biggest reality stars and where they are now may surprise you!Although Hung didn’t make it to Hollywood with his knockout performance, the Chinese singer got more than 2 million views on You Tube.In 2004, Hung released his first album but in 2011 decided to take a different path as he began working for the Los Angeles Police Department as a technical crime analyst.The CW’s veteran competition show “America’s Next Top Model” is calling it quits after 22 cycles, encompassing 12 years with host Tyra Banks.With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the more interesting contestants who’ve sashayed down the runway, cried, argued and worked it since the show’s earliest days.

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