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I am blessed to be so accepted and welcomed just the way I am. May that love flow through me and onto many others. While speaking at a Kate Spade event, Tim Gunn revealed that Heidi Klum asked him persuade Nina Garcia and Michael Kors to vote for Mondo. Six of them were on the bottom, and by my calculations, getting rid of that many designers this week would leave exactly the right amount of them left to have 3 or 4 presenting at Fashion Week in September. They eliminated only one designer, the anorexic hippy Mc Kell.premiere Thursday January 5 at 9/8 central on Lifetime. So let's take a look at the contestants and try to figure out why they're putting themselves through this hell again. Apparently they were all too busy filming Season 9 of the regular Executive Producer Harvey Weinstein. I am also filming a pilot for a new reality show concept. I also liked taking an old trend and making it new again. Some of the worst challenges, in my opinion, were from Season 9: dressing the stilt walkers, and the pet store challenge. designer from any season, including yours, and why? I think he is the most talented and amazing designer. It was merely dialog to fill the additional time and to create a false sense of excitement.At least the first challenge wasn't the same "make a pretty dress" challenge we've seen endlessly over the past two seasons.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).

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Namely, Daniel Franco, Guadalupe Vidal, Nick Verreos, Raymundo Baltazar, and Santino.

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I watched the new 90-minute version of Project Runway last night. Oh, and this week there was plenty more time wasted "meeting" the designers as they "met" each other in obviously staged scenarios.

First of all you need to be aware that there will be nary a leggy German supermodel with a proclivity towards short hems in sight, nor a dashing and debonair silver-haired bespectacled and impeccably dressed mentor who's been known to give out hugs on occasion, nor a famed designer who can cut one dead with merely a sentence tossed their way.

I just launched a collectible line of greeting cards for the stationery company Papyrus and am working on new design ideas for their new brand Niquea. And, believe it or not, I wish I'd had the potato-sack dress challenge. I made clothes for my Barbie when I was a little girl.

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