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DISCLOSE Act, which would have mandated reporting and disclosure for groups making independent expenditures for or against candidates.The bill passed the House in June 2010 but failed by one vote to overcome a unanimous Republican filibuster in the Senate.And media outlets were focused on “Tea Party” groups forming around the country.When President Trump announced his hotline for victims of immigration crimes to a joint session of Congress, he got loud boos and groans from the assembled elected officials, worried about painting immigrants broadly as violent criminals.The storms of life were about him, the great waves were ready to engulf him.Should haste to enjoy the lusciousness of summer engulf the delights of spring?Internal Revenue Service proposed a rule regarding the political activity of social welfare organizations classified by the agency as 501(c)(4) organizations: If tax-exempt organizations engage in direct campaign activity, they must disclose the identity of donors funding that activity in a format similar to what is required of political action committees.Disclosure would be required in a more compressed time frame than the current 18-month delay, providing voters the ability to understand who is paying for the blizzard of political ads and literature on their doorsteps, televisions and mailboxes.

At least nine people have died in flooding in Louisiana that began last Friday, with at least 20,000 people rescued from flooded homes and vehicles; 10,000 people are in shelters due to the disaster.“It’s important to make sure we’re not just walling ourselves off from the coast,” he said. Daniel Squadron (D-Manhattan/Brooklyn) said he hopes the extra cash from the feds comes through to build a comprehensive protection system stretching around the whole area. “We need more resources than we have to do that.” Shielding the area is important because flood damage there — where most city subway lines converge — can reverberate beyond lower Manhattan, said Alliance for Downtown New York president Jessica Lappin. Was it possible so slight an antagonist could engulf the battle cruiser?“With a changing climate, the risks are growing,” Zarrilli said.The city is spending on the system as it enters a national disaster preparedness competition run by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, hoping to win up to 0 million more to finance a more ambitious project.

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