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When their future children ask how Mummy and Daddy met, you would expect Kathy to mention a Fulham dinner party, a mutual friend's wedding, or perhaps work.

The reality, however, is somewhat more pragmatic."We'll have to say: 'Actually, darlings, we both paid an agency £5,000 plus VAT,'? Like many of her contemporaries, Kathy spent her twenties focusing on work, to enter her thirties single, with many of her friends suddenly coupled off and headlines warning of rising infertility rates.

But having actively managed her career, she decided to apply the same no-nonsense approach to her future happiness."I used to look at adverts for dating services and think 'How sad'.

But there was no way I wanted to go through my life without having children," she says in the brisk tones she might use discussing the Nikkei Index.

"I'd made a comfortable life but the missing piece was having someone to share it with and I wasn't going to leave that up to chance."On friends' recommendations, she approached Berkeley International, one of the country's most upmarket introduction agencies, with offices in hedge fund-central Mayfair, Cannes, Monte Carlo and Manhattan.

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