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With this type of form template, you must manually reinstall the form template on users' computers each time you update it.I originally wrote this article back when I was using Windows Vista.If you try this without knowing what you’re getting into, you could seriously mess up your computer.

You can choose the update method that you prefer for existing user forms.Now that Windows 10 is out, I figured it was time to update it a bit… However, the basic premise is still the same, but some of the details are now more relevant for current versions of Windows. First though, a warning: this is not for the faint of heart or for the technically challenged.This isn’t a walkthrough – if you don’t have a good understanding of what directory junctions are and what your user profile is made up of (and how Windows itself uses it), then I wouldn’t recommend proceeding any further.These key components of change and configuration management can help organizations reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).Introduction User Profile Structure Enhancements to User Profiles for Windows XP How to Configure a Roaming User Profile Security Considerations when Configuring Roaming User Profiles Best Practices for User Profiles Folder Redirection Overview How to Configure Folder Redirection Security Considerations when Configuring Folder Redirection Best Practices for Folder Redirection Related Technologies: Offline Files and Synchronization Manager Common Scenarios for Intelli Mirror User Data and Settings Features Summary Appendix: Group Policy Settings for Roaming User Profiles Related Links A user profile describes the desktop computing configuration for a specific user, including the user’s environment and preference settings.

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