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"We were going to go to a bar for some food and went back to my house for a credit card which I had forgotten."We were talking and ended up kissing in the hallway by the front door.Some claim to have seen her pacing the balcony or heard her footsteps behind them, only to find no one there.

He said: "It was not a sexual relationship but we saw each other a couple of times a week.

The Tasmanian Devil: I was on the fence about one guy I was dating until we had our first makeout.

His kiss was like being set upon by a team of angry ferrets.

So many teenagers made the late-night pilgrimage to see Betty that the high school deemed it prudent to paint over the windows of the school auditorium.

During a later renovation, its facade was covered with bricks. Students still talk of “a presence” in the auditorium, one that is to blame for a long list of strange occurrences, from flickering lights and noises that cannot be explained to objects that appear to move on their own.

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