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With the threat of Malcolm Black finally behind them, it’s time for Emily and her fellow Hamptonites to look towards the future, which, for Jack and Emily, could also mean looking towards their past.

"Last season he was furious with her but he never didn't care about her."Maybe if she tries, and he's like, ‘I gave up on you a long time ago,' or something like that because she chose her revenge over Jack for so long, or if they do and then Jack is hurt or killed because of her past coming back to haunt her.There needs to be some consequence for her choosing this path for so long.that a relationship teased at the very beginning of the series would have been paid off by now, but nope! So when we spoke with Wechsler himself before the And Wechsler pretty much made our day with his answer."Here's the thing, Jack [and his new police partner] Ben [Brian Hallisay] get along just fine. He was furious with her and was trying to move on and in my mind, that was him trying to get past Emily even though there was a part of him that was like, ‘Oh, shut up. I don't know when, where or how but I think they'll have...a moment."We hope it's much more than just a moment, but hey, we'll take what we can get!Much to our frustration, the ABC soap has yet to fully explore their relationship. It's not until Ben starts to show a little interest in Emily that there starts to be some tension," Wechsler says. You're never going to be past this girl.' We always had a lot of obstacles before and now they're both widowed in a way and currently the only obstacle is her mourning and being heartbroken over the loss of Aiden [Barry Sloane], and Jack just giving her space. "I'm excited to see what happens with Jack and Emily because I want to see them reconnect and get drawn back together," Wechsler says.

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