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At the end of June, millions of Facebook users changed their profile pictures to rainbows to show support for same-sex marriage—rooting themselves in a portraiture tradition that’s long used symbols to define and express identity.

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This identification with a larger community at the expense of individual identities comes with a particular contemporary digital flavor, but it also builds upon a long history, which dates back at least to the Middle Ages.

Just as social media users today are performing for the public and posturing themselves in a variety of ways—whether they’re aware of it or not— portraiture has long incorporated symbols and other design elements to help define and express identity, while also associating its subjects with particular causes or traditions.

But her aesthetic conception of self-obliteration provides a telling template with which to examine many Facebook users’ decisions to superimpose rainbow filters on their profile pictures in solidarity with the recent Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage.

Like their predecessors who swapped profile pictures for the Human Rights Campaign’s logo or shared the color of their underwear to promote breast cancer awareness, a large number of the site’s users obscured their faces with the rainbow flag that’s become synonymous with the gay-rights cause.

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