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Eagle Mountain is lucky to have the correct habitat for this remarkable falcon.

If you would like to become part of the Eagle Mountain Kestrel Project, let us know.

The Jungfrau is the highest peak of a mountain massif beside the Eiger with its famous north face and the Mnch.

Interlaken in the canton of Bern is a well known tourist destination in the Bernese Oberland located between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun in Switzerland.

She's one of thousands of Indonesian pilgrims who travel to Central Java every month or so.

They believe the magical powers of this mountain will make them rich.

When reporter Patrick Abboud told us there is a mountain in Indonesia where thousands of pilgrims gather several times a year for ritual sex sessions, we weren't sure what to think. Welcome to Gunung Kemukus - otherwise known as Sex Mountain.

Its breeding range extends throughout North America, including Eagle Mountain, Utah.

Most consider themselves devout Muslims, revelling in a mass ritual of adultery and sex.

PROSTITUTE (Translation): I need money and they need me.

We’re all about having a good time and experiencing all these mountains have to offer.

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