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Most local citizens have mixed feelings about a community's factories: This paradox is well described by Pam Sheley, advertising-circulation manager of Our Times: "Factories. We see the building as a scars on the skin of our otherwise picturesque world. We appreciate the products they make and the income they give us, but our hearts do not warm at the sight of them. I begin with a listing of present-day manufacturers given as seen in a table provided by the Lincoln/Logan County Chamber of Commerce economic development page (Web site address below in Sources Cited).Being a firefighter means you're ready to make sacrifices.Whether it's late-night calls or putting yourself in harm's way to protect others, your profession means you need a match who understands why you love what you do. Between all of your duties and responsibilities, finding the right partner can sometimes take a backseat.Two Revolving Loan Funds also provide incentives for businesses to expand and generate more jobs.Business start-up workshops and other business planning and technical assistance are available for growing businesses" (p. * * * * * community's manufacturers determine the local economy and heavily affect the community's culture.

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