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If I had met my first love in such situation, I would have become emotional and it'd actually hurt to know that she is old and I am young.Talking about a dead best friend who is somehow alive and attacking me, my natural response would start with a slang.By the time The Neighbors pilot was done, audience members had coordinated a dance to the interstitial music (which sounds like something the Seinfeld bassist might come up with while on ADHD medication). Club: I enjoyed The Neighbors…Tommy Wiseau: Which part, if I may ask?

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A more general question: Has sexual orientation of Captain America been disclosed? This question exists because it has historical significance, but it is not considered a good, on-topic question for this site, so please do not use it as evidence that you can ask similar questions here.

The club Rubell wandered into was everything Studio wasn’t, or, more exactly, wasn’t everything Studio was. Music blared from a record player resting on a bar covered with pilots’ charts, the rock ’n’ roll LPs changed by a sullen bartender. Yet, Rubell now says, “When I walked in, I thought, This guy’s got it.” It was the Mudd Club. And now, with rumors of a supper club opening in the fall in one of his recently purchased hotels, he’s intimately involved in the Dim Age. The extinction of disco bunnies and punks, and the stocking of clubs with yuppies—they’re the ones who dance around their briefcases at Networking parties at Palladium.

A single annoying strobe flashed in the middle of the room. And, most recently, the circling back to an elegant small-club etiquette reminiscent of the more conservative fifties.

Also, the suggestion that any woman isn't a virgin because she kisses people is absurd and offensive - welcome to the 21st century, where people kiss before they have sex.

The premise of the question isn't bad, but the way you asked it is totally inappropriate. To my knowledge, there has never been any direct remarks about Steve Rogers sexuality in the MCU, but his actions overall show no reason to assume he's not heterosexual.

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