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Try Zoom for as long as you like - there is no trial period.Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. As if all that isn’t bad enough, romance scammers are now involving their victims in online bank fraud.

These consumers have likely looked for help and advice from friends and family and may have even looked for help online or from financial institutions.

I quit receiving emails from WW - good indication that account cancelled... I was frustrated because I tried to get back into my account after the 3 months was up and it said that I no longer had a current subscription and had to renew so I figured that it had been canceled.

Seriously, there are free apps or Garmin/Fitbits that do more than WW. There is no value to a per month App - there are free apps, Pinterest, communities. Okay so I did that and while patiently waiting for my 0 I noticed they had been taking out .95 for the months of May and June (I'm bad for not noticing it sooner). When I finally got a hold of someone in billing I was told that "it is in the terms and agreement that WW has the right to continue to take membership fees until you cancel." I was also told that in order to get the 0 I have to have an active account... WW meetings now consist of the first 10-15 minutes reviewing the latest crappy 1 point pasta "they" have for sale or the one point chocolate the size of my thumb nail that's loaded with preservative. I had noticed a while ago that I was still being billed by Weight Watchers even though I have not used them for years.

You have the option to purchase up to 500 participants with our Large Meeting add-on. A Participant is an invitee in a meeting scheduled by someone with a Host license.

A Participant does not require a Zoom account in order to join a meeting.

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