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In der Studioversion pltschern ihre Songs gerne mal ruhig vor sich hin, da muss niemand zum Einparken das Autoradio leiser drehen.Auf der Bhne, mit einer Menschenmenge vor sich und fnf Musikern hinter sich, legt Amy Mac Donald dann aber los. Das Schlagzeug kracht, die Gitarren schrammeln und gniedeln.‘For me I’ve actually never really had a lot of radio plays so it’s not really something that has changed that much for me so I never really change what I do just to fit in but I get why people do it because it’s all about trends and fashions and what’s happening.‘That’s limiting for a lot of people and they maybe feel they have to do things differently in order to get that support.’ ‘I just love making music, I love performing, I’d be up for working with anybody if anybody showed an interest or wanted to do something then I’d be happy to do any of that.

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You’re not necessarily playing to people who are there to see you, you have that element that you might have to win certain people over and it can be a challenge but I do like doing things differently and I sometimes like having that challenge so for me it’s good to have a mixture and be able to do both types of show.

Two years ago, Frankie Boyle – of Mock the Week fame – was the comic turn.

He was soon in full flow with tried and trusted observations of life in Scotland, such as when he observed a drunk man in Bathgate walk up to a house, piddle on the door, then fish out his keys and let himself in. Mind you, Mac Donald's appearance at the awards split the audience by age – not into those who appreciated her music and those who didn't, but into those who knew who she was and those who didn't.

Now 29, her fourth album is likely to be her fourth top five release, as a tuneful collection that doesn’t mess with the formula.

Her mighty voice will be too strident for some, and her lyrics too often stray into self-empowering cliche: “Be who you are, don’t hide it,” she urges on the title track.

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