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2014 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards (TV Special) Himself - Presenter: Outstanding Special and Visual Effects / Outstanding Special and Visual Effects in a Supporting Role / Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series, Miniseries or Movie & Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Comedy Series or a Variety Program [on delaying production for The Batman]Last year, I said May and that was my understanding. Here's the thing: The creative process needs to be respected and no one involved in this film wants to make anything less than an unbelievable film, a legendary film. Whether or not we start exactly on that date or in June, whatever it is, it doesn't matter.We even have a new, dictionary-recognized word thanks to this lovely invention: selfie.

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Long gone are the days when you had 45-minute phone conversations with your middle-school crush.Here’s a list of five types of texts you should rethink before hitting 'Send': The Drunk Text (you should not be consuming alcohol unless you're 21 years old)It happens.Thoughts get cloudy after one too many shots, and something you’d never say sober seems like the best thought you’ve ever had.The Novel If I have to scroll more than once to read your text, it’s a novel. Those texts that take you 15 minutes to write and 20 minutes to read? Stop pretending you’re Nicholas Sparks, and just pick up the phone!Telling your exciting story over the phone is a lot easier and more interesting than trying to text it all out. The Selfie The front camera has totally revolutionized picture-taking.

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