Trina and kelly rowland dating

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“When I do find boyfriends or go on a date, they get sick of me pretty quick.” Rowland blames her career. She adds that she has turned to Beyonce to advice on dating. It makes you aware of what you want and don’t want in love. I remember I called her crying about some guy and Michelle Williams was rubbing my back while I was talking about it and Bee said, ‘Well at least you know what you want and don’t want!

Brown, Elliott and Eve also have seen their album sales slashed by more than half in recent years.

To be fair, these numbers are in line with the overall slippage in hip-hop market share, which amounted to 107 million albums in 2000 but just 59.5 million in 2006.

She claimed after he was contacted in regards to a season 3 he changed his phone number and cut off all communication with her.

Whatever the reason, Deelishis said as a mother of two, she didn’t have time to play games and what her and Flavor had appeared to be just a game to him.

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