Failure validating ssrs instance mssqlserver

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In my previous post, I walked you through the installation of a SQL 2012 Server.

it's extremely common to want to add something to an instance and need to know whether it will cause an outage or not!At first I had made local accounts for all services because of a video I watched that used that as an . It appears you are having access denied to SQL Server Engine where your reportserver and reprotservertempdb databases [email protected] World Wide Yes. Confirm the reporting service account is a member of RSExec Role in reportserver database.So now that I actually wanted to start using reporting services I switch the account to a newly created Domain account. I then went into the Reporting Services Configuration Manager to change the account which was successful except that the step for starting the service ended in error. Do you see any access related error in your SQL Server error log?Turns out the uninstall of reporting services was enough.If you want to go ahead and put that as an answer @Aaron Bertrand I'll mark it as correct. I'm fairly sure you can add reporting services to a database engine install later so I would think it would work the other way around too.

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