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There was one rule in particular that sent my eyebrows into a fury. STOP calling your girlfriends to run your idea by them. If you don’t believe in waiting to be fresh, or simply ignore that part of your faith, don’t deny, don’t defend.

The two female panelists suggested that after a man’s initial text, a woman should wait at least four hours before responding! I understood their thought process behind this rule, yet, it gave me pause.

You're a bird trying to attract a mate by spreading your bird wings and wiggling your bird torso.

After watching a dating segment on Bethenny (don’t judge), I became perplexed by the amount of dating rules discussed. If you choose to be the side chick knowingly, don’t say he’s leaving his girl/significant-other/wife.

If you are the modern day Susie homemaker, let your friends tease you. But if your friends are …teach them how to make something. When one reflects, it should be comprised of one’s own experience, their reality, no one else. Remember not one of those people producing 309,000 results personally interviewed you.

At the end of the day, with all these rules floating around, at some point, it would behoove every woman (me included) to sit down (alone), analyze her dating life, see what has worked, see what can use a little improvement, and adjust accordingly.

Stressed about what dress to wear for that first date? Whether it be NYC or Quebec, we tell you what to expect and anything else you may need to know! Let the sun bring out the pretty color in your eyes!

At DIY Date Night, we tell you what to expect and where to go no matter where you live.

Iris Ophelia's ongoing review of gaming and virtual world style Last weekend I participated in the Pulse-Pounding Heart-Stopping Dating Sim Jam, an informal online DIY game-making marathon for fans of the increasingly broad dating sim genre. Women share, but there is a difference between sharing and looking for a friend to endorse one’s dating life. If you meet someone at pm, and at pm on the same calendar day, you are naming future babies in your head, go right ahead. If you choose to sleep with everyone you date, no one can call you judgmental names, if you don’t share details. Yes, there are times strategically chosen friends are asked to chime in, to answer specific questions only. Now, if you need help, then ask a friend: In your opinion, what are my best traits? That is vastly different then asking, should I wait to text him back or not. Sadie had to open her big mouth and tell him April's an absolute knitting pro and now she's been pledged to knit more items for charity than anyone else.Trouble is, April has never knitted a day in her life. If she doesn't master the basics soon, she risks losing Owen to the girl he's sponsoring, Dana Van Stanten--and she already knows how to knit.

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