Villeroy and bock dating

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In 1766 Boch was licensed to build a ceramics kilnworks nearby at Septfontaines, Luxembourg, where it operated a porcelain factory.

In 1785 Nicholas Villeroy became sole owner of the faience manufactory at Wallerfangen.

Villeroy & Boch Pottery of Mettlach was founded in 1836.

The firm made many types of wares, including the famous Mettlach steins.

Among its innovations in Mettlach at the end of the nineteenth Phanolith, a kind of semi-transparent porcelain that combines the characteristics and benefits of jasperware and pate-sur-pate.

The dating code impressed on the bottom of most pieces makes it possible to determine the age of the piece. Wstx Unexpected Char Exception: Unexpected character '-' (code 45) (expected a name start character) at stream.Porcelain handles for cabinets, doors and faucets; toilet paper holders, towel racks and fittings therefor; tableware, small household and table utensils, ornamental objects and object d'art made from glass, porcelain or porcelain-like material; glass products for domestic use and table decorations, namely, china tableware, * namely, * plates, cups, bowls; china serving dishes, namely, casseroles, tureens, serving bowls, pitchers, goblets, egg-cups, jugs, pots, pans, boxes, cans and vases; serving pieces, namely, salad-serving forks and spoons, roast forks and serving spoons; soup, sauce and gravy ladles, sugar spoons, and cake servers; small household and table utensils, namely, serving trays not of precious metal; candlesticks not of precious metal, glass bottle stoppers, * napkin * rings not of precious metal, champagne swizzle sticks, decanting funnels, tea strainers, crumb brushes and scoops, pepper mills, non-electric plate warmers, plate covers, bottle holders, toast stands, napkin holders; glass and porcelain decorative objects, namely, figurines, decorative wall plates, relief plates; household glassware, namely, drinking glasses, bowls, vases, carafes, jugs, ice buckets 024.Tableware, namely, tablecloths not of paper, and textile place mats and napkins Any party who believes it may be damaged by the registration of the mark has thirty (30) days from the publication date to file either an opposition to registration or a request to extend the time to oppose. This tableware service is composed of more than 90 references being plates, cups, saucers, tea and coffee pots, dishes, bowls and pots. Lamps, sanitary equipment items, namely, bath tubs, shower tubs, wash basins, sinks, lavatories, bidets, urinals, wall soap dishes 019.

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