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If you travel for a week, you can even tell our system to put an ad in for a one week duration for the geographic area in which you will be traveling. Whenever another pig places an ad in your area, our system will notify you so you can be the first to hop his bones.The best thing about our personal ads is that they are 100% free.

Hey, Looking for younger (18-23) and/or really petite (you can be older than 23 if … Want to try new things and push your horizons with someone fun and knowledgeable?

Face it - you don't have straight sex - why not live on the wild side once in a while!

This came from a pamphlet put out by Trust Handballing Newsletter (SASE to Trust, c/o ASP, POB 14543, San Francisco CA 94114 for info pack).

So each time I had him put more in and have the session prolonged.

Eventually Four wasn't enough and I was wet enough to handle more.

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