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They are duplicated here with permission of the author, Evelyn Farbman, and the publisher, Houghton Mifflin Inc.

The seventeen quizzes with a gold marble were written by the English faculty at an estimable midwestern university and are used here with the permission of that department.

We don't claim to have all the answers, but our relationship tests can help point you in the right direction.

Should children have the freedom to stretch their boundaries?

Feedback from users of the personality tests on this site has given some great insight into how these tests have been used: The printable or online test will help you to get a fun, high-level look at your preferred personality type by finding the bird type that most closely matches your answers to the test questions.

Are you the life of the party or the fly on the wall? You have your backpack, notebooks, and pens, but what about your clothes?

Takes this quiz and find out if you'll soon be going bankrupt!

Please feel free to embed and use any of these quizzes on your website and for each quiz there is also a download link for the test in PDF format for easy printing and copying so you can distribute the tests to students and/or children.

Knowing you have an STD is probably going to be a private part of your life you wouldn't want everyone to know about, so we've put together a small tutorial on how to erase you browsing history in a number of popular browsers so whoever sits down at the computer next won't suddenly start asking unwanted questions about your medical condition.

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    I tell each one the same exact thing: “If you’re dating a few men right now and can guarantee me that you’ll have at least one date a week for the duration of our time together, we can start coaching.

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