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That was when we soon found out that it was evidently the year of the lady in the Marine Corps.

I look at all the real women now defending our country and marvel that the most important thing we had to worry about was if our lipstick matched our cap cord.

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Recruits may only wear their 0 "Nikes" if they have a medical waiver from the base medical clinic. One of the very first things that's going to happen when you first meet your T.Orthodoxy, like Christians, Muslims, and other Judaic sects, dictates abstinence before the covenant of marriage... “This was a lot easier to do when people got married at 18,” acknowledged one of the Modern Orthodox women I spoke to.And while premarital sex is not condoned, “the sexual relationship between a married couple is very important in Judaism and is considered a mitzvah,” or good deed, she said; and that sex should enable “a couple to relate better and have a full loving experience.” Many of the practices around sex relate back to the principle of modesty, which is big in Orthodoxy.We were issued a makeup kit with eye shadow, foundation, blush and lipstick and expected to wear it – in boot camp, in August, in Parris Island, South Carolina.Why I saved the make-up brushes that are now thirty-six years old, I simply do not know. And they now are still in my make-up basket in my bathroom. We Women Marines had etiquette classes and were taught that when in a skirted uniform we must always wear or carry white gloves (really), wear girdles (really) full slips (really) and high heels. Women Marines didn’t smoke while walking and certainly didn’t call each other “you guys.” We heard through the grapevine that the reason for all of this was because the Marine Corps wanted to change the masculine image the public saw of its women.

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