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Mr Priestly now works as a ‘strategic advisor’ at the Strategic Investment Board.

This newspaper had asked for details of the investigation into Mr Priestly’s actions and details related to the decision – the first in the history of the Northern Ireland Civil Service – to demote a permanent secretary because of his conduct.

It comes as one man 'John' - who is not using his real name - shared his story of being scammed out of £10,000.

In a similar case a German woman Pissamai Strehle (50) who started an online relationship with a man who said he lived in Newtownabbey, in Co Antrim - was conned out of £130,000.

Peter Corry is a Northern Irish singer, director, producer and actor.

As a performer Corry has been cast in productions of Cosi fan tutte, as Guglielmo, The Marriage of Figaro as Figaro, Sweeney in "Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barbour of Fleet Street" Andrew in "On Eagles Wing", Jamie in "The Last 5 Years", Anatoly in "Chess", in The Beggars Opera he played Captain Macheath and Ignati in "The Crocodile".

He argues that the event which gave rise to the Christian tradition cannot itself be reduced to a tradition, but is rather a way of challenging traditions.

In order to explore and promote these themes Rollins has founded a number of experimental communities such as ikon Because of their rejection of "worldview Christianity" and embrace of suspended space these groups purposelessly attempt to attract people with different political perspectives and opposing views concerning the existence of God and the nature of the world.

He starred in "On Eagles Wing" for PBS Television USA and "The Voice Within - Songs of Hope" RTE Television.

In 2006, he featured in Washington on St Patrick's Day and performed at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. His shows there have included "The Magical Rhythms of Ireland", "Celtic Rhythms" "Irish Christmas" and "Peter Corry in Concert".

He spent three years playing Inspector Javert, in the West End, and the UK tour of the Schonberg and Boubil's, Les Misérables.

Instead he has developed an approach that sees Christianity as a critique of these very things.

This anti-religious reading stands against the actual existing church and lays the groundwork for an understanding of faith as a type of life in which one is able to celebrate doubt, ambiguity and complexity while deepening care and concern for the world.

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