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We will like to disclose up front before moving any further that Crystal Bernard is not married to Cetera or anyone in the music industry till today's date.

Bernard remains single unmarried woman from the beginning of her musical career till today's date. The couple has appeared in many live shows and radio program after they delivered all time favorite song but none of them have ever admitted or even spotted getting romantically involved.

As a kid, Bernard was raised in a Southern Baptist home. Jerry Wayne Bernard, who was involved in televangelism and traveled across the United States preaching and singing.

At an early age, she used to entertain and sing gospel songs with her elder sister Robyn, who is also an actress.

The versatile actress, Bernard also dated the then hit singer, Peter Cetera.

Despite this, she's still considered as one of the veterans in the acting field, she's none other than the famous actress Crystal Lynn Bernard who is best known for her decade-long role in hit comedy series, .

As her personal life seems a mystery to all of us, she's always remained under the radar.

The singer and TV actress Crystal Bernard has never been in a married relationship which ends the door for any divorce actions taken for or against her but this does not mean that she is homosexual or any thing because she has been in a relationship with famous producer Tony Thomas for a very long time.

The couple started dating each other in early 1994 but they ended their relationship in 2005 after Thomas married Ann Souder.

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