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Please be aware that this is not a complete list of reproductions/fakes and it is not a complete list of reproductions/fakes for each of the different cast iron/aluminum pieces (i.e., there are many different reproductions of the #0 Griswold skillet and also the tea size corn stick pan).If you have any pix of additional reproductions and the real Griswold item, please send them to me as a JPEG file via email.Griswold bought out his relatives' interest in 1884.The name Griswold alone on a trademark would then first appear on a handful of pieces in the form of Griswold's first stylized logo, known as the "Griswold's Erie Diamond", and next when the sixth series "ERIE" skillets were changed to read "GRISWOLD'S ERIE", around 1906.The earliest of the cookware was marked ERIE for the Pennsylvania city it was made in.ERIE iron remains among the finest of Griswold’s foundry products. Having been in business with his cousins, the Selden brothers, since 1868, the name Griswold was originally seen in the mark "Selden & Griswold", on various pieces of hollowware.

If you like to cook with and/or collect antique/collectible kitchen cookware, then you have found the right place.

It is a relatively easy process to do a Google “images” search on the web for the words or markings on a piece to see if you can find a match.

Be as descriptive as you can when doing your search.

One Griswold item especially difficult to locate is the Erie No.

5 skillet, made only in 1907, and with very low production.

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