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More common, though, is a partial software update, or media software update.

This may cover things like multimedia, Bluetooth, Internet connectivity, or mobile device compatibility improvements, as the most recent update mentioned above provides.

Inclusion of features may vary by in-car and portable satellite navigation manufacturer, depending on their data specification.2.

Every effort is made to (a) ensure our maps reflect the changes in the road network and (b) to address map errors in the regular map update program.

UPGRADING A 2001 and older X5, E46 3 series and E39 5 series, and E38 7 series BMW: see section below How to update your 2002 & 2003 X5, E46 3 series and E39 5 series BMW to support Sirius In the 2003 Model year MKIV Navigation equipped 3, 5 or X5 BMW by simply updating your Trunk mount radio with the newest version radio.

The bigger questions are: what’s up with these updates? There are basically two kinds of BMW software updates.

You will be informed of this if you access one of these sections.

BMW has available for North American Customers Sirius Satellite radio that Fully integrates into BMWs with Navigation and without navigation.

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In fact, BMW recommends against it unless absolutely necessary, and we agree due to potential complications and risks.However, at any point in time Navigation Australia cannot guarantee that (a) our digital maps are a 100% reflection of the Australian road network, or (b) that we will be able to address map error requests within consecutive map update releases. Here, you can find the latest reviews, and coupon codes in the top right corner of this website for BMW Navigation Map Updates for your vehicle.If the BMW DOES have navigation, both the radio AND the navigation computers must be the newer versions.Once the Radio module and the navigation computers are upgraded your BMW navigation system will function just as the newer BMWs with all of the new features including support for Sirius Satellite radio.

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