Dating the crucifixion

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Good Friday events kicked off with a Mass earlier in the morning at the cavernous Holy Sepulcher, which was built on the place where tradition holds Jesus was crucified, briefly entombed and resurrected.

Later Friday, a Mass was due in Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity, built atop the traditional site of Jesus' birth.

Christian worshippers carry a cross towards the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, traditionally believed by many to be the site of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, during the Good Friday procession in Jerusalem's Old City Leonard Mary, a priest from Irondale, Alabama, was dressed as Jesus wearing a crown of thorns.

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The following "facts" about Jesus would be affirmed by most history scholars, Borg said: Factuality not important In between those points, the historical details are hard to verify, says Borg, who believes that the importance of the less "plausible" stories found in the Bible — such as the resurrection — lies not in whether they actually happened but in what they meant to Jesus' followers."It could be of interest both to Christian believers and to critics of that religion to know which aspects of Christianity are rooted in historical facts and which are derived from religious convictions and experiences that cannot really be evaluated from an historical point of view." Jesus not a total mystery The "Jesus" of history isn't a complete mystery to Biblical scholars, who often make a distinction between the man and the religious figure depicted in the scriptures."We do know some things about the historical Jesus — less than some Christians think, but more than some skeptics think.The Bible mentions the cross many times, in both literal and figurative terms, as symbolizing the meaning of true Christianity as well as the sacrifices and trials that a true Christian must endure in this life to be true to the faith.What then could anyone possibly find wrong with the sign of the cross?

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