Updating iphone 1 1 4 to 2 2

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There are two must-dos in order for the update to install.You battery must be at least 60 percent charged or connected to a charger at the time of update.Still, it's important to back up everything just before you make any big changes.Whether you use i Cloud or i Tunes, have the most recent backup ready in case you have to restore your device.

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No music on the home screen, while browsing collection, building an arena deck, opening packs, or playing a match. I updated to i OS 10 two days ago and since then I have had no HS music except while the "Worthy Opponent" slot machine thing is spinning. A possible culprit on 32-bit devices has been noted on the Unity issue tracker for almost two months. And happens to the same devices in the same period. That it is not even registered by Blizzard on the known issues page for the mobile client says a lot about their priorities.https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/ios-audio-with-streaming-load-type-does-not-play-on-some-devices-running-ios-10FIRTINANOV 02, 2016 We have the fix for the issue (32-bit devices that use i OS 10 unable to load and play streaming audio).It's not uncommon for phones to freeze up during the update.There are reports of this update causing problems, but Apple's fixed the bug, it says.And now, Apple has also stopped signing i OS 10.2.1 and i OS 10.3, which means it's no longer possible to downgrade from i OS 10.3.1.If you haven't upgraded to i OS 10.3.1, I highly recommend you do it now.

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