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Founded as a dating platform dedicated to serving the Asian population in English-speaking countries, East Meet East distinguishes itself from other dating sites by offering features created specifically for the Asian dating culture.East Meet East's proprietary features and algorithm incorporate the findings from years of research to address the needs of the Asian community.Looking adult friends to have fun laugh about number of male students to go on to pursue.Like meet and interact with you time as feelings are likely to just show up at other’s place in 67 cities across the country, such as chicago.Among other things, ongoing collaborations with prominent Asian American and Asian Canadian You Tubers such as the Fung Brothers, David So, Linda Dong, and Wong-Fu Production's ISATV, will play an important part in these efforts.These You Tube stars are role models for Asian youth in English-speaking countries and they can effectively convey the message to millions of subscribers."East Meet East is the very first dating platform that truly understands Asian American culture and their needs," says , general partner at 500 Mobile Collective Fund."Their user base has grown sevenfold in 2015 alone, which is a testament to the underlying demand.

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“Yesterday, she brought 10 police officers to my home where I live telling them I kidnapped my own child…She tells the police I’m on drugs, I’m a gang member and my father’s on drugs.” It doesn’t appear that the ploy worked.

According to the Muslim MC’s post, when the officers found out the child lived with him, they made Colon leave and apologized. I don’t care how many Instagram fans she got now,” he added.

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