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If Mpreg makes you vomit, please do not look at this template or article in which this template resides.If you have already seen this article, please unsee it.

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He is much like Sonic; however, instead of having the ability to run at the speed of sound, Sonic the Preggo has the ability to be pregnant with several litters of fetuses at once.

And not to mention, they were unpredictable; it could lead you to doing something you'd normally never even think of doing. If it was, it would have probably ended up something more of a 'love story', rather than the 'action-packed anime that doesn't have romantic scenes for the couple' it is now. She was eating with Mayura, with the cheerful girl chatting happily with her while she had her normal stoic expression on her face. " "A-ah, it's nothing..." A light shade of pink dusted his cheeks, averting his eyes to the opposite side of the room. You're looking at Adashi-" he got cutten off by a girly squeal, which actually came from a guy.

He was sure the 'cheerful' girl forced the food to the girl he was stalking—I mean, gazed at, eating.

is a Furry Comic (now concluded) about a human named Brad who, after getting fired from his job at Tim Hortons, asks God to, quote, "Bring it on." Less than a second later, he is teleported into a government-funded lab in a Mirror Universe where everyone is an anthromorphic animal in one form or another (the author seems to love throwing obscure or seldom-used animals into the mix).

After a series of culture shock strips detailing the differences between the two universes the strip quickly settles into a pattern of following Brad through the various travails, romances and sitcom-esque gags of his new life .

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