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They first met each other in November 2007 in New York when she was just turned 20.But it took three years for the conformation that they are seeing each other.She attended Presbyterian Ladies' College and Shenton College.She was the family clown whose ambition was acting and her passion for acting was born in 1997 when she played as the witch in a school play of Hansel and Gretel at age ten. At the end of 2007, they were also found together celebrating their holidays.It is an authentic demonstration of what it's like to live with one of the most enigmatic of mental disorders, autism, which afflicts about one person in 1000 (the more common and milder Asperger's syndrome affects about 6 in every thousand).Elissa Down, the maker of the film, has personal experience – two of her brothers are autistic – and with the aid of some truly accomplished acting she avoids cheap dramatics and conveys some genuine feeling.

In early December 2013, Ward and her boyfriend, David Letts became parents.When the scout came up to me, I said, 'No, thank you.' They forged my mum's signature [for mandatory parental consent], and pushed me in front of the cameras.The show reel then landed on the desk of ace model scout David Cunningham from the New York City agency IMG. I mean, she looks like she's been doing this for years, and she's a 15-year-old kid walking in an alleyway in Perth [...] She's a supermodel, for sure," Cunningham said.His older brother Charlie (Luke Ford) announces their arrival to the neighbours by banging a wooden spoon and wailing on the front lawn. He’s autistic and has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).He is sometimes unmanageable, and his behaviour can be anti-social. The Mollisons might be an army family; but they do not live a regimented life. Thomas’ cricket-obsessed father Simon (Erik Thompson) talks to his teddy.

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