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For example, Sarah Coventry costume jewelry tends to feature cabochons and marquise-cut rhinestones rather than densely packed grids or endless rows of smaller sparklers.Base metals were usually gold-tone or silver-tone, sometimes serving as openwork or filigree backgrounds for a handful of stones placed symmetrically upon them.Founded in 1949 by Charles Stuart, who named his costume-jewelry company after his granddaughter, Sarah Coventry did not follow the Coro, Trifari, or Miriam Haskell practice of producing the work of a strong in-house designer.Instead, Stuart purchased designs from freelancers, then hired firms such as De Lizza and Elster, whose house brand was Juliana, to create its chokers, necklaces, brooches, earrings, and bracelets.Shepherd), granddaughter to Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls), Ted Page (David Byrne) and Bert and Ivy Tilsley (Lynne Perrie) and mother to Bethany (Mia Cookson, Amy & Emily Walton, Lucy Fallon), Billy and Harry.Sarah's storylines have included a controversial and ground-breaking underage pregnancy which saw her giving birth to Bethany Platt and saw Sarah deal with motherhood in her teens, internet grooming, her friendship with Candice Stowe (Nikki Sanderson), her relationships with Todd (Bruno Langley) and Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas) as well as her sibling rivalry between her and her half-brother David.

Even though Coventry lacked its own designer, many of the company’s signature pieces share stylistic characteristics.He also gave his costume jewelry away to contestants on game shows and at beauty pageants.The word of mouth that resulted from this marketing strategy made Sarah Coventry one of the most popular jewelry brands of the mid-20th century.In October 2014, it was announced that O'Brien had reprised the role, she returned to filming in February 2015 and returned on screen on 30 March 2015.Sarah is the daughter of Gail (Helen Worth) and Brian Tilsley (Christopher Quinten), sister to Nick Tilsley (Warren Jackson, Adam Rickitt, Ben Price) and half-sister to David Platt (Thomas Ormson, Jack P.

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