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Now I’m 65 and it is still primarily younger men with whom I have consorted for the past 25 years.

I’m very happy to talk about my past but I also talk about my future because I believe I have one. If you are a single guy in his 30s dating a peer-group female she will generally want to know where it is going in terms of marriage and babies, which is not always what the man wants. Maybe it’s the mountain screamer that led to the name cougar being used for older women with younger men. While cougars attack your spine, jaguars attack your head. Cougars are also known as pumas, mountain screamers, or painters. It likes to swim and so it eats fish, turtles and caimans, little animals that look like alligators, in addition to being a carnivore and hunting for meat. When she has melanism, the polka dot — or is that polka-rosette — jaguar turns into a mean black panther. Today we discussed the latest twist in man-woman relationships — older woman-younger man. It is the opposite of albinism, which produces pink albinos.

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