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Finally on March 7 the following year, the first Mass was celebrated in the newly built church, with 495 people receiving Holy Communion that day. Until 1902, when the Ukrainian Basilian Fathers arrived in Edmonton, the Ukrainian Catholic population on the prairies was without clergy familiar with their language, culture or liturgy. Coinciding with the 950-year anniversary of the Christianization of Ukraine, plans were drawn up for an ambitious new building in 1938. Josaphat’s was designed by Philip Ruh, the architect responsible for over thirty Ukrainian Catholic churches across Canada. Josaphat’s became known as Ruh’s most grandiose example in Alberta.

Father Josaphat Tymochko OSBM became the first pastor. It is possible to have a Catholic Church wedding for a couple, one of whom is not Catholic.The engaged couple needs to meet with the pastor once to arrange the registration, and again at a later date to finalize the details relating to the wedding service.From year to year there are minor changes to the academic calendar, but the calendar is as follows: – September 1: Beginning of the academic year – September 1- December 31: Fall Term – December 20-January 31: Final exams – February 1-June 1: Spring Term – June 1- June 31 Final exams The Semester Abroad Program for international students follows a slightly different pattern: – September 20-December 15: Fall Semester – February 20-May 15: Spring Semester Holidays: There are two main breaks during each academic year: – Christmas break (December 31 – January 21) – Approximately two weeks for Easter break.Every year the UCU community celebrates a number of religious and state holidays. Please ask your academic supervisor, the Department of International Academic Relations, or your colleagues for the precise dates of these holidays.

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