An unexpected error has occured while updating required files

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To learn more about this alert, if you are using Microsoft Operations Manager 2005, do one or more of the following: This Error event indicates that a file system error occurred when Exchange Server tried to open the restore environment file.

.v P...........0296E408: 20 00 00 00 7F 00 00 00 00 00 F4 76 58 03 A1 00 ..........v X...0296E418: FB FF F6 76 00 00 26 00 E8 3F 26 00 00 00 00 00 ...v..&..?The user actions required to resolve this error depend on the error code listed in the event.Examine the file system error message number for more information about the file system error. I leave AH to go start a game on inferno, and my game crashes.I go to restart, and now I'm getting this error:"An unexpected error has occurred while updating required files. Except when I try to reinstall, the installer fails with a different error about not being able to download some file for installation. Yet during that, I'm skyping my girl and surfing the internet for the fix. I also have a screenshot of the error, if need unexpected error occurred while while updating required files.

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