Dating pearl drums

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And that sound derived from the decidedly spindly, fragile shell.All along I mistakenly assumed that the “better shells” were those bolstered by extra plies of Asian Luan and so forth. For example, my Coronets feature a paltry 6 lugs/tension rods per 14″ drum…2 less than the accepted industry standard.One with the same badge appears in the 1969 brit catalogue. I'll put more pics on if I get time, but I just wanted a general idea. I like birch, so looking forward to giving the snare a blast! My Premier also have a differenet looking lugs on tom and floor tom. If not, they are older than 1970, that year premier start with serial number. The drums are birch, and there badge has a white border, but it's not present on the small toms or bass drum.And wood, is it darkred mahagoney ( african mahagony) or light wood, Birtch? Plus, having had difficulty fitting a replacement head to the lower floor, it could be that they're pre international sizes, which would make them 1960's?Yanagisawa's eldest son, Mitsuo, joined Pearl in 1957 and formed a division to export Pearl products worldwide.To meet increasing worldwide demand for drum kits following the advent of rock and roll music, in 1961 Pearl built a 15,000 sq ft (1,400 m) factory in Chiba, Japan to produce inexpensive drum kits that bore the brand names of more than thirty distributors such as Maxwin, CB-700, Stewart, Werco, Ideal, Crest, Revelle, Revere, Lyra, Majestic, Whitehall, Silvertone, Apollo, Toreador, Roxy, and Coronet.Pearl Corporation is organized and functions as a wholesale distributor of drums, percussion musical instruments and flutes for the United States.The majority of drums and related items are manufactured by Pearl Musical Instrument company and imported directly from company owned factories located in Taiwan and China. distributor of Adams timpani and mallet percussion instruments.

Not wanting to imply that you know nothing) members. (and now on topic) I am at a friends house ATM, but I'll try to take some pics of my badges tomorrow.In 1966, Pearl introduced its first professional drum kit, the "President Series".For a time in the early 1970s, Pearl was distributed in the U. by Norlin, the parent company of Gibson guitars at the time., of course, was the deciding factor but, hey, the details were fun to assimilate!Occasionally one sixties Japanese drum or drum kit would emerge as a winner, at least referring to the sound.

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