Queued updating

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The client needed a flexible high availability solution that would allow the addition of a third site in the future with minimum effort.

Each existing site hosted a SQL Server 2000 database on a Windows 2000 server.

A transaction in a queue maintains the old and new row version values.

When the transaction is applied at the Publisher, the GUIDs from the transaction and the GUID in the publication are compared.

If your queue time estimate is long, you'll be notified before you enter queue that you are in the autofill category and may not get your primary or secondary.

If not, it'll work the way it does now where you'll only be able to get your primary / secondary.

To specify that a listener should be queued, add the That's it!

Now, when this listener is called for an event, it will be automatically queued by the event dispatcher using Laravel's queue system.

The client I worked with had two data-processing centers located miles apart and linked by a reliable T2 network connection line between the sites.

Instead of coupling your order processing code to your Slack notification code, you can simply raise an as a wildcard parameter, allowing you to catch multiple events on the same listener.

Wildcard listeners receive the event name as their first argument, and the entire event data array as their second argument: Your event listeners may also type-hint any dependencies they need on their constructors.

Described from the article above: " To address position shortages, we’re adding an autofill mode that can trigger when queue times are too long.

If players enter queue with excessive estimated wait times, the matchmaker will potentially assign them a role other than the two they selected." This feature also comes with better queue time estimates.

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