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The territory of Estonia has been inhabited since at least 6500 BC, with Finno-Ugric speakers – the linguistic ancestors of modern Estonians – arriving no later than around 1800 BC.

Following centuries of successive German, Danish, Swedish, and Russian rule, Estonians experienced a national awakening that culminated in independence from the Russian Empire towards the end of World War I.

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TV8 is an entertainment television channel, launched as a digital sister channel to TV3 in 2009.

For several years, TV3 had better ratings than the other private channel, Kanal 2.

The situation changed in 2006, when Kanal 2 made some big changes in their programme.

Estonia is a developed country with an advanced, high-income economy that is among the fastest growing in the EU. The land inhabited by Estonians was called Maavald meaning "Country Realm" or "Land Realm".

One hypothesis regarding the modern name of Estonia is that it originated from the Aesti, a people described by the Roman historian Tacitus in his Germania (ca. The historic Aesti were allegedly Baltic people, whereas the modern Estonians are Finno-Ugric.

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