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The books have profoundly influenced adult and children's fantasy literature since World War II.

Lewis's exploration of themes not usually present in children's literature, such as religion, as well as the books' perceived treatment of issues including race and gender, has caused some controversy.

Habergarten, Adam Hagadorn, Mary Edith Haggerty, Robert Hahn, Louis Hall, Frank L Hall, Ida Hall, Jacob Hall, Rosa Magdalene Fend Haller, Walter Robert Hamilton, Anna K Hamilton, William Edward Hansen, Cassie Tripp Hansen, Emma Elizabeth Lotzgesell Hansen, Marjory Fowler Burgess Hanson, Clark Alfred Hanson, Elizabeth Colby Hanson, Phillip C Harding, Ernest Harlow, Adeliade Pominville Harlow, J C Harper, Mary Howard Harrington, Percy Lovel Harrington, Thomas Sherman Harris, Olive Hart, Eliza R Wilson Hart, Fitch James Hassell, Florence Aimes Haswell, Charles T Hatch, Edward H Haynes, Mary Elizabeth Rea Heath, Harry Leroy Heister, Caroline Lena Megerle Helgeson, Alpha Zeman Henderson, Calvin Henson, Frederick Pace Henson, Jack "Frost" Henson, John Henson, John Fletcher Hickok, John Dewey Hill, Sigird Rose Matson Hillstrom, John Hitch, John Hoare, Joseph Anthony Hooker, James W Hooker, Lucy A Robertson Hopf, Paul Theodore Hopkins, Eugene E Horstman, Horace G Hottowe, Joseph Howard, Oscar Marlow Howard, Oscar Michael Howeattle, Mary M Hudson, George Hudson, William Huelsdonk, Dora Carolina Wolff Huelsdonk, Henry Huelsdonk, John Hume, David Marshall Hunter, Katie Harmon Hutchinson, Marie Return to Home Page --- Return to Obituary Directory Adam Habergarten ( d ) After a brief illness of only a week's duration, Adam Habergarten passed away last Sunday, the victim of that terrible malady, typhoid-pneumonia. She lived a year and a half in Port Crescent before she saw a white woman. Sophie Johnson, who came in today to attend the funeral of her old friend. Hart was one of the first school teachers at Port Crescent, her own children going to school to her as well as a few of the neighbors. As a young man he was a Western Union telegraph operator at Pysht; Discovery Bay and Port Gamble. James Chernut; sons Vernon and Harold Hart, all of Port Angeles; and another son, Edwin Hart, Chicago; 2 brothers, Homer Hart, Isaquah and Howard Hart, Freshwater and a sister, Mrs. He was a member of the Odd Fellows Lodged in Sequim. Olive Heath; 4 sons, Ernest, Clifford and Ray Heath of Sequim and Orville Heath of Port Angeles; 2 sisters, Mrs. Funeral services will be at 1pm Tuesday at Harper Funeral Home with the Rev. He retired to farming in the North Bend area in 1975. He made a short stop in Douglas, Alaska before going over the White Pass [next appears to be a short part missing].

Adam Habergarten was well and favorably known in the community, having lived here a number of years. She was the mother of 10 children, three of whom died in infancy. Deceased is survived by her husband, 7 children, 27 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren . He later was employed at the Charles Nelson mill here for 14 years. Hart became crane operator at the Port Angeles terminal when the dock was constructed and remained at that position almost a quarter of a century until becoming ill 2 years ago. He was a member of Pile Drivers and Bridge Builders Local 1303 in Port Angeles and Local 2396 in Seattle. There he went through the famous Whitehorse Rapids on a barge and on down the river to Dawson.

They had, after all, travelled a long way and their journey was far from over.

Yet the open-air picnic a few days ago was controversial.

It was hosted by charity workers for hungry migrants at a secret location in Calais, the port in northern France just 22 miles from Dover where, until a few months ago, 6,000 waited to try to hide inside lorries on Channel ferry crossings to England.

Last autumn, the Calais ‘Jungle’ — a shanty camp built by migrants, with kebab shops, halal restaurants and even a brothel, church and mosque — was bulldozed by the French authorities, who dispatched its residents to 400 centres all over France, where they were offered tickets home or the chance to claim asylum.

The Knights of Pythias, of which order deceased was a member, attended in full regalia. She was registrar of the Michael Trebert Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. He died quietly about pm Monday at the hospital where he had been confined by illness for the past 12 weeks. Services will be at 3pm Thursday at the First Methodist and Congregational Church with the Episcopalian minister, the Rev. Better known to his thousands of readers as the Scribe or simply as John Frost Henson shortly after his birth in St. With the passing of John Henson, Sr., the northwest and Alaska lost a citizen who took a leading part in many of the stirring times that molded the civilization as it is now here.

Many evaded the authorities, however, and moved up the coast to another migrant camp at nearby Dunkirk.

This week a fire, caused by a turf war between Kurdish and Afghan people-smuggling gangs tore through the Dunkirk camp, which was run by the charity Doctors Without Borders.

For history of the general area, see Michilimackinac.

The island was home to an Odawa settlement before European exploration began in the 17th century.

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