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In addition to its religious aspect, Alevism is also closely associated with Anatolian folk culture.Modern Alevi theology has been profoundly influenced by humanism, universalism and the ancient Turkic shamanistic belief, tengriism.‎) "of or pertaining to ‘Alī".Others view this as a pejorative implying that their allegiance lies with Iran rather than Turkey.Many other names exist (often for subgroupings), among them Attempts to identify the origin of Alevism are inherently controversial.

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Thus Alevi communities in Turkey and Germany have used the institutions and language provided by intergovernmental actors to claim recognition of their Intangible Cultural Heritage.

In 2010, the Alevi-Bektaşi ritual dance, as their “useable past”, recently initiated their own heritage project.

This paper analyses the various functions and uses of heritage discourse in the context of its exercise by both state and non-state actors in Germany and Turkey.

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