Guevara consolidated the revolution by personally consolidating approx 2016

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CYRIL RAMAPHOSA The agreement by social partners to introduce a national minimum wage by realizes a key demand of the Freedom Charter on the Rights and Conditions of Workers.It also fulfills a commitment made by the ANC in its 2014 Election Manifesto to examine the modalities for the introduction of a national minimum wage.By contrast, the Russian, Chinese, and Cuban revolutions issued lately from a different ideological paradigm: Marxism-Leninism (Chaliand 2008).In Latin America, there have been various revolutionary processes with different degrees of radicalization, such as the Mexican Revolution of 1911 and the Bolivian revolution of 1952; leftist governments also came to power through elections, as in Guatemala, Peru, Chile, Nicaragua, and Jamaica; and populist governments developed in Argentina, Bolivia, and Ecuador. All had in common the anti-Americanism of their foreign policies.Its introduction is a great victory for working people and for COSATU, in particular, which has consistently championed the national minimum wage over many years.The agreement that has been reached owes much to the hard work of COSATU, together with its Alliance partners, to improve the lives of South Africa’s lowest paid workers.

In the analyses that follow we pay attention to the role of revolutionary leadership; ideology and culture; and identities in the origins, processes, and outcomes of both the Cuban and Bolivarian revolutions (e.g., Goldstone 2009; Foran 1997; Aminzade et al. Both revolutions point us to some of the classic debates among scholars of revolution: the role of the middle classes; of the church; of international alliances; of leadership; of ideology and its reinterpretation.

There remains strategic choice for the state because of the structural interdependency of state and capital.

The state may thus act to restrict or contain the potential for self-management, most trenchantly within capitalism by resisting any challenge to property relations.

Workers’ self-management and related forms of workers’ control over production is associated with periods of societal transformation.

In its most advanced form it presents a challenge to capitalist property relations as part of a revolutionary process.

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