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I'm posting this from windows so I can't check the exact error message of the version number of the package.

encryption and keyrings, deleting the respective entrys and then connecting through the nm-widget. it seems that storing the password in the keyring is somehow broken, from the configure panel in network-manager as well as from the ad-hoc dialog from the widget. VPN working under Hardy this morning, but getting error unable to find valid VPN secrets when attempting PPTP VPN using network-manager under intrepid.

The error message indicates a failure to complete the download.

Find your error number and its recommended solution in the table below.

I am able to successfully establish a PPTP VPN connection in Ubuntu 12.04 (kernel 3.2.0-24-generic) but after approximately 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes it will fail.

If you are connected on a self-managed or home network, see the connectivity troubleshooting steps listed in Advanced connectivity troubleshooting.Apr 30 satellite-p755 pppd[15073]: CHAP authentication succeeded Apr 30 satellite-p755 pppd[15073]: MPPE 128-bit stateless compression enabled Apr 30 satellite-p755 pppd[15073]: local IP address Apr 30 satellite-p755 pppd[15073]: remote IP address Apr 30 satellite-p755 pppd[15073]: primary DNS address Apr 30 satellite-p755 pppd[15073]: secondary DNS address Apr 30 satellite-p755 Network Manager[ (ppp0): writing to /sbin/resolvconf Apr 30 satellite-p755 dnsmasq[15128]: started, version 2.59 cache disabled Apr 30 satellite-p755 dnsmasq[15128]: compile time options: IPv6 GNU-getopt DBus i18n DHCP TFTP conntrack IDN Apr 30 satellite-p755 dnsmasq[15128]: using nameserver Apr 30 satellite-p755 dnsmasq[15128]: using nameserver Apr 30 satellite-p755 Network Manager[c:79]: Closing connection (call state) Apr 30 satellite-p755 pppd[15073]: Modem hangup Apr 30 satellite-p755 pppd[15073]: Connect time 2.0 minutes.Apr 30 satellite-p755 pppd[15073]: Sent 5296 bytes, received 1195 bytes.On Ubuntu I use the network manager to connect to the ISP VPN, after installing the packages pptp-linux and network-pptp (I know very little about networks, I hope this description is informative enough and actually relevant :) I updated my system this morning and after rebooting (there was also a kernel update) I can't connect to the VPN.I immediately get an error message that says something like "unable to find valid VPN secrets".

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