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The scammers are using their images without their knowledge and permission to deceive their victims and scam them out of benny how ae you? my most loved mum was admitted in the hospital two months ago and with sever illness of kidney failure was brought back home just few weeks ago and as at now is undergoing internal bleeding , so far i have spent about 50 in treatment and medication .

sorry couldnt mail you earlier on coz i have got a problem with my yahoo corresponding to my internet line okay , so i had to register for gmail and i had it just today , anyway , i was very happy to see your mail , , after all call me rabi hamid okay , i was born in new south wales in autralia , i have only a brother who is younger Adil ,. from my small income and also sale of most of my jeweleries. which costs me again 00 and as at now i have managed so far to get 3 so far and my mind is on you love coz am always thinking about you .

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The corresponding letters, months, and years are below.


And with millions of members, there's somebody for everyone - and that means you!

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