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We used stratified sampling to obtain a sample equally divided by gender, aged 18–95 years.

We identified 12 themes in the profiles using Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count software (Pennebaker, Booth, & Francis, 2007).

Alex Dang is a sophomore pursuing a double major in Computer Engineering and Economics at the University of Maryland.

He would like to thank his parents for their support, his instructor Justin Lohr for convincing him to submit this digital forum, and the staff for putting this online journal together.

A person might think that studying at university would provide infinite opportunities for romantic encounters but most of my fellow students are half my age or married and dating your professors is highly frowned upon.

Given the fact that the closest I’ve come to sex in recent memory is having my nose nestled between the dry (but oh so sexy) pages of a Sam Sheppard play, I’m in a difficult and dateless predicament that has me considering online dating.

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I may be a feminist but I’m also a horny, heterosexual, overage Ph D student who hasn’t had a date in...well, let’s not go there.Regression analyses revealed that older adults were more likely to use first-person plural pronouns (e.g., we, our) and words associated with health and positive emotions.Younger adults were more likely to use first-person singular pronouns (e.g., I, my) and words associated with work and achievement.The method for creating closeness began with a few conversation starters — Question 5: “When did you last sing to yourself?” — before progressing to the deeply revealing, like Question 35: “Of all the people in your family, whose death would you find most disturbing? ”After Nikki Wiart flagged the viral Times article on Facebook, her friends joked about duplicating Aron’s experiment on Tinder.

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