Thanksgiving dating

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In fact, not having a "special someone" could mean you're busy building even stronger connections elsewhere. But you can calmly point out that these days, being single isn't that lonely of a status: Single people now make up more than half the American population.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50.2% of adults 16 and older are currently single; back in 1976, that number was 37.4%.

Have you ever had a date on Thanksgiving, and weren't too sure what to do?

I have, and let's just say dinner at his parent's place for our second date wasn't the best of ideas. Its a fine line, enjoying someone's company on a holiday like Thanksgiving, which is traditionally shared with close friends and family only.

But for those of us who either don't have family close by, or want to do something fun before the family events later in the evening, these Thanksgiving date ideas are sure to pique your interest and get you and your date having a great time, together.

You may have just met, or only had a handful of dates together, but you want to do something with the person you've got your eye on.

These Thanksgiving date ideas are purposely casual yet offer enough face to face time for the two of you to get to know one another better. Many restaurants stay open for Thanksgiving, and offer a complete meal with all the necessary trimmings.

So why not be thankful that you aren't slaving over a hot stove, and enjoy some time with your date at a local restaurant you've been wanting to try out. Similar to the holidays, there is surely to be a non-profit organization putting on a free meal for those in need in your area.

But introducing your new love to your family on what is probably the biggest family holiday of the year could come with a lot of stress.All of us feel like Marilyn Munster — the only normal one in a family of embarrassing misfits and miscreants — when we bring someone home to meet the family.And Thanksgiving dinner is an occasion when a lot of guys will be bringing a new girlfriend home for the first time.You might want to go out to a nice dinner with a bottle of wine, but the person on the opposite end of the texts might have something else in mind. Instead, just kindly remind your guests that these days, anyone who wants to be dating can easily take matters into their own hands. No, you can't filter by sensible things like religion and hobbies.Signing up for Ok Cupid, meeting friends of friends at a bar, reaching out to that old crush on Facebook — we're not limited anymore to sitting at home, waiting for someone to call. Yes, lots of people use it to "hook up." But some people do go on dates from it, though that can be But really, the most important thing is that it's really nothing to obsess over.

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